Five Barriers to Engagement

Wednesday, October 9
9:30AM - 9:50AM
Austin Convention Center Ballroom A


Cara Pike
Climate Access - Founder & Dir


Most Americans care about the environment, but world views, identities and values get in the way of acting on that concern. 

There are five key barriers to engagement  - Environmental Sainthood (no matter what I do it is not good enough), Environmental Elitism (the treehugger or urban elite environmental identity doesn't fit me), Environmental Fatalism (it bothers me but nothing can be done), Environmental Cognition (I can't keep all the issues straight), and Environmental Overload (cut it out with the 50 things I can do to save the world). By understanding the barriers it is possible to overcome them by rethinking what it means to be green.

Event Type:
Distinguished Speaker
Behavior, Education, Health
Communication Values Action

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