Crowd Sourced Data for Conservation Planning

Wednesday, October 9
3:55PM - 4:10PM
Austin Convention Center Austin Suite


Cullen Hanks
Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept - Data Mgr/Biologist


Jonah Evans
Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept - Wildlife Diversity Biologist


At Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) we compile data on rare species to support research, policy, and conservation efforts. We manage our data in the Texas Natural Diversity Database (TXNDD); which tracks the viability of populations. All records are based on actual observations, but it is difficult to adequately survey a state the size of Texas. As a result, the TXNDD is using iNaturalist to reach out to the naturalist community for help identifying populations. iNaturalist is a social media platform that allows naturalists to document and share photo-based observations using a mobile app and a website. The social media platform encourages participants to contribute observations and to validate the observations of others. In effect, it allows us to crowdsource the generation and quality control of rare species observation data. This data is incorporated into the TXNDD and used to identify areas that need more in-depth surveys.

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