Fighting Superbugs on the Farm to Save Antibiotics

Monday, October 7
10:45AM - 11:45AM
Austin Convention Center MR 5ABC


Dr Jason Newland
Children's Mercy Hospitals & Clinics - Dir, Antimicrobial Stewardship Program, Medical Dir of Patient Safety and Systems Reliability


Naomi Starkman
Civil Eats - Founder, Editor in Chief


Russ Kremer
Heritage Acres Foods - Fifth-Generation Diversified Pork Producer


Sasha Lyutse
Natural Resources Defense Council - Policy Advocate, Food & Agriculture Program


Did you know that 80 percent of all antibiotics sold in the US are used in livestock production, typically to make animals grow faster and compensate for crowded, unsanitary living conditions? In 2011, four times the amount of antibiotics were sold for use on chickens, pigs, cows and other food animals than for human medicine. This widespread misuse of antibiotics in food production has led to antibiotic-resistant superbugs, which puts people’s health at risk and threatens the efficacy of our life-saving medicines. Even worse, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – the agency tasked with safeguarding our food supply - has known for more than 35 years that mixing antibiotics into animal feed breeds human antibiotic resistance, but continues to suffer chronic delay on taking any real action to stop antibiotics abuse on farms. This panel brings together a concerned doctor, producer and policy expert to find solutions to the superbug crisis so we can protect the efficacy of medicine.

Event Type:
Food & Agriculture
Health Farming Disease

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