Food in the City: Designing a Healthy Food Future

Tuesday, October 8
3:15PM - 4:15PM
Austin Convention Center MR 9AB


South Central Health & Education Fund - NRDC Growing Green Award, Food Justice Leader


Brianna Almaguer Sandoval
The Food Trust - NRDC's 2013 Growing Green Award Winner - Young Food Leader


Ron Finley
Ron Finley Project - Head Provocateur


Sasha Lyutse
Natural Resources Defense Council - Policy Advocate, Food & Agriculture Program


According the USDA, more than 13.6 million Americans live in food deserts, communities that are both low-income and lacking in sufficient access to a supermarket. Lack of access to affordable healthy food is a problem that plagues cities and towns across the country. And every minute in the U.S., over an acre of agricultural land is lost to commercial and residential development. One of the many ironies of our human population and urbanism explosion is that we’re literally paving over the land that feeds us. NRDC's 2013 Growing Green Award winners Tezozomoc (Food Justice Leader) and Brianna Sandoval (Young Leader), innovators and leaders in sustainable food, share how we can serve up a better community food system with solutions ranging from addressing food access by infusing urban areas with healthy produce in corner stores to empowering historically marginalized communities with sustainable food equity and access projects. This panel will explore the nexus of food and urbanism.

Event Type:
Food & Agriculture
Health AIA Continuing Education Cities

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