Climate Justice: Science, Advocacy and Equity

Wednesday, October 9
10:45AM - 11:45AM
Austin Convention Center MR 8AB


Deb Morrison
University Of Colorado at Boulder - Teacher


Jacqui Patterson
NAACP - Dir of NAACP Climate Justice Initiative


Climate change hurts those who are often the least likely to be heard. This session will look at how two very different communities are facing a common adversary in climate change.

African Americans are three times as likely to be admitted to a hospital for asthma attacks than white citizens and twice as likely to die. Those who live in urban areas are ingesting a disproportionate amount of pollutants and are more likely to experience the long-term effects of climate change. In rural areas farmers are moving to cities to look for work, leaving behind the elderly and very young: two age groups most at risk for the health effects of climate change.

The NAACP addresses climate change with awareness, regulation and advocacy. University of Colorado Boulder’s 'Learn More About Climate' program trains teachers about climate change using scientific inquiry and is exploring how these approaches are empowering under-represented citizens to understand and act to reverse climate change.

Event Type:
Policy & Activism
Climate Change Justice Community

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