Ron Finley Opening Remarks: Nothing in Nature is Straight

Monday, October 7
9:40AM - 10:30AM
Austin Convention Center Ballroom A


Ron Finley
Ron Finley Project - Head Provocateur


It all started with a simple vegetable garden. As a resident of South Central LA Ron Finley got tired of having to drive over 30 minutes to find an organic tomato so he planted some vegetables in the space between his house and the sidewalk. The city tried to shut him down, and so began a brilliant storm activating his community to change the law, which they did. 

Ron Finley's message and activism is the perfect collision of beauty and pragmatism. He doesn't plant in rows; he prefers his gardens to be a wild array of textures, colors and smells because "nothing in nature is straight". This is the perfect analogy for why we chose him to present the Opening Remarks Keynote. His message is not just about addressing the problem of food deserts or activating communities, it is about creating movement using culture, imagination and beauty, to elicit change.

Event Type:
Food & Agriculture
Design Communication Change

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