Could This Tiny Home Be The Future of Urban, Smart, Sustainable Housing?

Tuesday, October 11
6:00PM - 8:00PM
1304 E 4th St.



KASITA makes a tech-enabled, stackable, urban micro-unit that is both affordable and beautiful. They will be opening the door to its award-winning prototype in an exclusive field trip and talk by KASITA CEO, Dr. Jeff Wilson (aka Professor Dumpster). Wilson will address an Industrial Design approach to housing, the future of the smart home, and overcoming affordable housing challenges. After the talk, the field trip will move next door to the Historic Scoot Inn (Austin’s second oldest bar) for Drinks.

KASITA is a short walking distance from the Convention Center so transportation is not provided. Please meet at 1304 E 4th St, where you will easily see the prototype.

Event Type:
Special Event
Field Trip

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