Saving Our Coral Reefs: A Virtual Reality Dive Experience

Monday, October 10
3:30PM - 4:30PM
Austin Convention Center Room 6B
500 E. Cesar Chavez



Jamie Cross
Conservation International Foundation - Partner Mktg


Through the immersive magic of virtual reality, Conservation International Executive VP, Dr. M. Sanjayan takes you on a spectacular, unforgettable underwater journey to one of the most stunning, coral reefs on the planet, allowing you to swim close up with manta rays, sharks and teeming schools of fish. These Western Pacific reefs, at the epicenter of global marine biodiversity, were almost destroyed a decade ago by illegal fishing, shark finning and dynamiting of coral. But, today through community based conservation, Raja Ampat, and its coastal communities are a model for success, collaboration and global replication. The story of the reefs, of the West Papuans who protect them, is told in the short experiential VR film “Valen’s Reef,” and is a powerful example of how empowering local communities and enlightened self-interest can shape the future of our oceans.

Event Type:
Conservation + Adaptation
conservation + adaptation water futurism

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