Critical Engagement: Communicating Climate Across Divides

Monday, October 10
11:15AM - 11:45AM
Austin Convention Center Room 10AB



Katharine Hayhoe
Texas Tech University - Climate Scientist


Dr. Katharine Hayhoe is an atmospheric scientist whose research focuses on developing and applying high-resolution climate projections to understand what climate change means for people and the natural environment. As an evangelical Christian, she’s also in the unique and remarkable position of communicating the need for climate policy to include a broader range of groups in the conversation.

Katharine may defy some stereotypes about the politics of religion and science. But defying stereotypes invites inquiry, which can lead to communication, even learning. It creates opportunity for thinking deeply about, and aligning, what we value and what we do. Climate change is a huge issue, and it’s one where citizen engagement is critical. That’s why her work is so fascinating: in part because it’s about climate change, and also because her main theme – faith and science –defies stereotypes.

Event Type:
Dual / Solo / Panel
communications climate change policy

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