I Am What You Eat: Transparency, Collaboration and the Future of Food

Tuesday, October 11
12:00PM - 12:30PM
Austin Convention Center Room 8ABC



Nicholas Dupey
IDEO - Design Director and Communications Designer


Food needs our help. It affects every single one of us—and yet with increased knowledge sharing from food providers to consumers and vast technological and scientific advances, people know less about their food today than at any other time in history. IDEO's mission as a firm is to create positive impact in the world through design — and the future of food is one of the most complex design challenges to date. And we can't solve for it alone. Join IDEO Design Director Nick Dupey as he shares how we’re working collaboratively with like-minded partners to push the edges of technology, business, and design as it relates to what we eat.

Event Type:
Dual / Solo / Panel
Food Systems
food systems design

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