Fady Atallah


Infinite City - Co-Founder, Head of Development


Quick Bio

Over the past 18 years, Fady Atallah has founded and led creative agencies in digital media, business strategy, and content production, with a particular focus on cultural innovation. He has pitched, won, and managed projects of various scales, recruited and led multi-disciplinary teams with expertise in strategy, design, content, marketing, and technology. His areas of specialization are tied to digital product design, architecture, education, branding and e-commerce. Most importantly, he cares about growing socially relevant businesses. Fady is the Co-Founder of Infinite City, a label offering a range of urban installations that are designed to enchant and engage. He handles the distribution of The Swings and more specifically, Fady is responsible for the coordination and promotion of the 2016 US tour. Fady is also the Co-Founder of creative digital agency Bluesponge and has worked with the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Qatar Airways, and littleBits.

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