Brett Snyder


Cheng+Snyder/UC Davis - principal


Quick Bio

Brett Snyder works at and researches the intersection of architecture and media with a particular interest in developing vibrant urban spaces. Snyder is a principal of Cheng+Snyder an experimental architecture studio based in Oakland, California and an Assistant Professor of Design at the University of California, Davis. Snyder’s hybrid background in architecture and graphics have resulted in an array of projects from the scale of watches to urban scaled design interventions. Much of Snyder’s work has focused on the way that mobile media has changed the way that we navigate, understand, and experience the urban landscape. Recent projects include Smart Sidewalks, a winning entry to the NYC Reinvent Payphones competition, Museum of the Phantom City an architectural iPhone app to view visionary but un-built architecture, and S.Alt City an interactive building mural in Syracuse, New York.

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