Joey Marquart


Edelman - SVP


Quick Bio

Joey Marquart leads the cleantech team at Edelman. He has directed global and California-focused teams for clients in the materials, automotive, smart grid, renewable energy and storage sectors. He has worked with companies like Oorja in the fuel cell category and several automotive battery companies including Envia Systems.

For Recurrent Energy, he developed messaging and oversaw communications strategy for programs aimed to foster positive, effective relations with California communities and state/local influencers. He helped position the company in ways that yielded a greater license to operate in places like the Central Valley, Inland Empire and Sacramento.


For GE, Joey helped lead the unveiling and ongoing public engagement efforts for the ecomagination Challenge, a cleantech initiative to spur open innovation through investment. In this role, he managed a stakeholder and media event in San Francisco designed to reach Bay Area investors and startups.

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