Sasha Markova


Mother - Creative Director


Quick Bio

Sasha is a senior writer and creative director at Mother, working first in London and now America. Over the last seven years, she has worked on award-winning campaigns for Stella Artois, Boots/Walgreens and FRANK, the government anti-drug body. She is currently leading the new brand idea for Stella Artois and working on their CSR campaign, Buy A Lady A Drink. She is also creatively directing Mother’s latest awesome account, Headspace. She has worked strongly on the Mother brand, pioneering their own successful projects - Psychic T-shirts and most recently, signing Jesus as a client.

Before Mother, she set up the cult T-shirt company, I Love Boxie, which turns people's stories into one line on a T-shirt. I Love Boxie has been featured all over the internet and in Vogue, iD, Elle, Sunday Times, Dazed & Confused, Buzzfeed several times and the two seminal books on T-shirts in the 21st century.

She has just completed a short memoir about an epic T-shirt journey across America where she documented the stories of Americans on T-shirt. She has also been working very closely with Navajo Native Americans and last year helped put on the first Native American Showcase of music at SXSW. The event got so much support they were given a bigger stage.

She is currently based in Los Angeles where she is establishing Mother’s outpost for good, Motherland.

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