Adam Green


The Exploratorium - Project Lead


Quick Bio

Adam operates in the intersection of art, science, design, and education to lead projects that improve urban life globally. He has spent the past 10 years creating novel solutions to civic problems through his work at Rebar Group and the Exploratorium. He has led workshops all over the world on inquiry-based education and lectures extensively on the merits of holistic urban experience design. In addition, as a key member of the newly formed Exploratorium Studio for Public Spaces, he has led a suite of projects that apply the Exploratorium’s unique design process to cities, parks, libraries, transit centers and more. Adam has collaborated with world class partners from public, private and the non-profit fields including the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Innovation, San Francisco Planning Department, San Francisco Rec and Park, Peter Walker Landscape Architecture, Moshe Safdie Architects, Biomimicry 3.8, National Parks Service, Facebook, Google, and many others.

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