Marta Chierego


World Economic Forum - Creative Dir Filmmaker Head of Video Content


Quick Bio

Marta Chierego is a documentary filmmaker and the Head of Video Content at The World Economic Forum in New York.. Formerly a Director / Producer at boutique production company Lonelyleap, Marta joined the World Economic Forum in 2011 to start and develop an internal video production agency from the ground up. Five years later, her video content has garnered a Cannes Corporate Award, an IVCA, a Deauville Award and a Vimeo Staff Pick. Marta’s particularly passionate about documentary filmmaking, having interviewed over 500 top global business, economic and academic leaders around the world to produce short films on a broad variety of topics, ranging from science, technology, neuroscience, gender, the environment, sustainability, geopolitics, leadership and many more. With her eye always firmly placed on emotional engagement and simplicity, Marta complements her storytelling talent with a keen creative eye, merging powerful stories with innovative and cutting edge creative approaches that make her content not just interesting, but also beautiful.

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