Joshua Freed


Third Way - Vice President, Clean Energy Program


Quick Bio

Scranton, Pennsylvania—once known as “The Electric City"—was an early adopter of electricity, and the first city in the nation with an electrified streetcar system. So it's fitting that Josh Freed, Third Way's Clean Energy Vice President, first met Third Way co-founder Jim Kessler there way back in 2000. Today, Josh and his team are hard at work developing ways the federal government can help accelerate the private sector's adoption of clean energy and address climate change.

After years of alternating between work with technology companies and in politics, Josh sought an opportunity that married both passions. He believes that the only way for the nation to solve complex issues, particularly one like climate change, is to ignore ideology and adopt ideas across the political spectrum. Under Josh's direction, Third Way's Clean Energy Program has helped lead efforts to find pragmatic, post-partisan solutions to the energy challenges in the United States.

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