John Henneberger


Texas Low Income Information Services - Co-Director


Quick Bio

John Henneberger, a MacArthur Genius grant recipient, is an advocate for fair and affordable housing who has created a new paradigm for post-disaster rebuilding. Skilled at identifying points of agreement among parties with varying, often opposing, economic interests and political views—such as developers, elected officials, and community members—Henneberger was an author of a conciliation agreement with the State of Texas for Hurricanes Dolly and Ike post-disaster rebuilding. This agreement transformed the way that Texas and its local governments address affordable housing, community development, and fair housing and inspired new rule-making at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Henneberger has also worked with architects and community development corporations to rebuild housing better and more rapidly after disasters. He has a track record of negotiating seemingly small changes in state and local policies and housing practices that enjoy a broad consensus and significantly improve the supply of affordable housing and access to fair housing. Widely respected across a broad spectrum of stakeholders, Henneberger is working to define new standards for fair housing protections and affordable housing.

John Henneberger received a B.A. (1976) from the University of Texas at Austin. He began his work engaging in and supporting grassroots housing advocacy in 1974 as a volunteer with the Clarksville Neighborhood Center in Austin, Texas, and he co-authored Housing Patterns Study: Segregation and Discrimination in Austin, Texas (1979) for the City of Austin Human Relations Commission. Henneberger led several community development corporations (1979–1988) prior to co-founding the Texas Low Income Housing Information Service in 1988.

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