Varun Vira


C4ADS - Chief Operating Officer


Quick Bio

Varun is the Chief Operating Officer at C4ADS. He was previously Chief of Analysis for C4ADS, a position in which he oversaw projects and investigations across various illicit systems, including but not limited to narcotics trafficking, asset tracing, wildlife trafficking, and conflict financing. Varun's work at C4ADS has been featured in the daily intelligence briefings at the very highest levels of the U.S. government, and he has briefed flag officers, ambassadors, and leadership at various government agencies, including the Departments of State, Treasury, and Defense. He previously worked as a consultant for the World Bank, in the office of then-Senator John Kerry, and at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Varun received degrees in International Relations and Economics from Syracuse University, and a Masters in International Affairs from George Washington University. He speaks Hindi and Urdu fluently.
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