Mather Carscallen


SabrTech - CEO


Quick Bio

As the founder, President, CEO and CSO of SabrTech, Mather leads the team to develop solutions for the future. In his role, Mather builds partnerships with leading thinkers to explore the unparalleled potential of algae to address global challenges. Mather also leads the scientific team at SabrTech. Prior to founding SabrTech, Mather spent over three years developing a micro-algal research initiative for the National Research Council (NRC) and initiating a large-scale collaboration between two branches of the NRC, the Institute of Aerospace Research and the Institute of Marine Biosciences. Mather has a degree in Marine Biology and Applied Mathematics from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. He has a PhD in Computational Ecology at the same institution. Mather’s innovative developments in the field of algae research have been recognized with the International CleanTech Open award by Innovacorp, an Emerging professional award, as a Trend Setting in Nova Scotia and a Fish 2.0 Track A winner.

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