Mary Canning


Follow the Honey - Founder & CEO


Quick Bio

Founder of the "human rights" inspired company, Follow the Honey, Mary saw a critical need for providing a commercially sustainable outlet for marginalized beekeepers in poor countries, a pursuit that encourages land conservation, best beekeeping practices, and eco-tourism in places where farming tobacco and maize, or mining, are often the only alternatives. With a popular brick n’ mortar store in Harvard Square - recently awarded Best Green Business by Scout Magazine - Mary’s staff daily see proof that the empowerment story of the terroir of honeys to help alleviate poverty, convinces consumers to pay a premium price that can support higher commercial payments to honey producers.

Before starting her company, Mary apprenticed as a 'bee tender' in Massachusetts and visited rural bee keepers in the Western Ghats of Kerala in India, where she first saw the potential for 'honey money’ in remote areas. She is the co-founder of a majority-African held venture - Follow the Honey Tanzania - that is putting these ideas into practice, developing a rural honey collection system and an FDA-certified export facilities in Dodoma & Dar es Salaam. Included in this enterprise, is the Nyuki Safari Company.

Prior to following the honey, Mary worked in documentary film at WGBH-Boston, on the staff of FRONTLINE, NOVA & Interactive Projects. While on assignment at BASIC BLACK, Mary produced for the Eye on Education series, programs shedding light on the punitive impact of MCAS standardized testing on African-American children & their teachers at Madison Park High School in Boston. She produced a TV pilot for the NPR syndicated, “Says You” and helped produce the WGBH Independent Film Showcase, Indie Select. Independent projects with Underbelly Films include a physician’s spiritually transforming journey with terminal cancer and “Inside Out”, a story about prison inmates practicing Buddhist meditation as a path towards rehabilitation.

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