Hazem Elshorbagy


OPTIMYS - Founder and CEO


Quick Bio

My upmost passion is realizing the vision of "monetizing sustainability". My background is in Mechanical Engineering (Bachelors and Masters) and I did my MBA in Strategic Management at the University of Texas. I have worked in the manufacturing, oil and gas, connected car, and IoT industries across the US and the Middle East (Abu Dhabi, Dubai). My experiences include operations management, production planning, organizational change management, project management, continuous improvement, consulting and entrepreneurship. I am a cofounder of Afferent Provider Solutions, a startup that helps healthcare providers make smart investments, and I'm the founder and CEO of OPTIMYS, the company that uses sensors and software to transform the business model of the ancient waste management industry. My awards include winning the Future Texas Legend award from the Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation, earning a Six Sigma Black Belt certification from ASQ, receiving an award for being part of the team that broke the US's Drilling record by drilling over a mile a day, receiving a US patent for inventing a car that can be steered by foot, winning a competition for building an automated system that produces biodiesel from algae, as well as other awards and press releases related to academic excellence, reaching final stages in national competitions and taking on several leadership roles in extracurricular organizations.

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