Elizabeth Brigham


Timshel - Director, Marketing & Communications


Quick Bio

At Timshel, Elizabeth leads a team of data-driven marketers to deeply understand what motivates the social impact community. Timshel builds technology platforms that help nonprofits, foundations, and social impact entrepreneurs to humanize their data so they can serve their communities more effectively, grow relationships with supporters, and drive their mission.

As a recovering English major from Davidson College, she lives by the Atticus Finch principle of marketing - you never really know a person until you've walked around in his/her skin.

She is passionate about leading a movement to transform marketing away from seeing people as transactions (clicks, opens, likes, shares) and instead engaging with them as humans. There's is no B2C, B2B or B2B2C (Elizabeth has been a product manager and marketer across all these types of businesses). Marketing is building relationships with people.

Elizabeth began her career at McMaster-Carr learning what it takes to know and serve customers. Armed with that experience and an MBA from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!), she embarked on a career in building businesses at Disney Parks and Resorts Online and Jive Software. When she’s away from Timshel, Elizabeth enjoys singing silly songs with her two toddler boys and her husband.

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