Brian Glodney


Gensler Architects - Design Dir, Sr Assoc


Quick Bio

Brian’s passion rests in creating healthy, sustainable, and vibrant places and cities. Ensuring this passion is equally matched with pragmatism and research is his role as a Recognized Practitioner of Urban Design - to better shepherd a dialogue about urban design and its influence in the built and natural environments.

Deeply driven by the belief that healthy lifestyles are fundamental to developing resilient communities, Brian utilizes deep investigation and research combined with aspirational, yet implementable designs to craft communities of health and wellness. Vital to communities of health and wellness are open spaces, parks, plazas, and neighborhood activation zones. Brian, as Urban Design Advisor to Pershing Square Renew, is helping the City of Los Angeles reimagine the role of this iconic open space as a catalyst and prototype for civic open space for the city. Additionally, his work on Cahuenga Crossing, a project providing temporary opportunities for open space and community activation is helping reinforce wellness and builds kinship among the community. His work on the Willowbrook MLK Wellness Community has received multiple awards across the major design fields - Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Planning, highlighting the holistic approach to developing a sustainable master plan for the County of Los Angeles.

Brian has an innate ability to conceptualize a project, integrate stakeholder aspirations, and build lasting bonds and partnerships between disparate organizations and communities with the ultimate mission of securing a prosperous, healthy, and sustainable future.

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