Carlos Sandoval Olascoaga


MIT - PhD Student


Quick Bio

Carlos Sandoval Olascoaga is a PhD student in the Design and Computation Group, specializing in urban computing, and data visualization. He is a researcher at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT. Previously, he was a research scientist at UC Berkeley, investigating the convergence of design, spatial information, data science, and social sciences. Carlos has been an Instructor at MIT, a Lecturer at UC Berkeley and a Visiting Professor at UNAM. His work has been supported by numerous fellowships, more recently by the MIT Presidential Fellowship, the IDEA Studio Fellowship at Autodesk, the National Council of Science and Technology, and the Jumex Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

Carlos’ latest research examines the history of computing, its development and application in urban planning tools, and their utilization as artifacts for empirical legitimization of the scientific planning practices during 1960’s. His current work involves the development of alternative urban computing methodologies that are non-deterministic, collective, and open-ended.

Carlos holds a SMArchS in Computation with the highest distinction from MIT, a Master of Architecture from UC Berkeley, and a Bachelor of Architecture with distinction from UNAM in Mexico.

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