Ryan Hanley


SolarCity - Vice President, Grid Solutions


Quick Bio

Ryan Hanley is the Vice President of Grid Engineering Solutions at SolarCity. He leads SolarCity’s efforts to leverage distributed energy resources – including residential and commercial solar, batteries, controllable loads, smart inverters, and microgrids – to benefit the electric grid and its customers. Ryan and his team work collaboratively with utilities, regulators, vendors, national research laboratories, and other industry stakeholders to leverage distributed energy resources to support next-generation grid design and operations. Ryan oversees SolarCity’s Power Systems Engineering, Grid Services, Grid Economics, and Technical Policy teams. Prior to SolarCity, Ryan led Pacific Gas & Electric’s emerging technology and smart grid portfolio for electric distribution where he managed $80M in pilot and demonstration projects. Ryan holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, an MS in Civil Engineering from Trinity College Dublin and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

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