Sydney "Macky" McCleary


Division Of Public Utilities & Carr - Admin


Quick Bio

Macky McCleary serves as Director of the RI Department of Business Regulation. The Department Director is appointed by the Governor and serves statutorily as the State Banking Commissioner, Commissioner of Insurance, Real Estate Administrator and State Boxing Commissioner. Macky is on the Board of Commissioners for RI Housing. He previously served as Deputy Commissioner for Environmental Quality (EQ) at the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) for four years. As Deputy, Macky led the 500 employees in the three Environmental Quality bureaus – Water Protection and Land Reuse; Materials Management and Compliance Assurance; and Air Management. At DEEP, Macky’s responsibilities also included leading a transformation of the regulatory branch of the agency aimed at making it more effective and efficient through a focus on strategy, organizational structure, and processes. Prior to joining DEEP Macky was with McKinsey & Co., a global management consulting firm, for 5 years. At McKinsey he worked on a wide variety of strategy and operations projects for clients around the globe. Before his work at McKinsey, Macky was the co-founder and president of EmPower CES, a start-up clean energy and green building development company. Macky built EmPower around a commitment to energy independence and environmental stewardship. The company remains in business marketing clean energy products and services to homeowners, businesses and institutions. Macky holds a bachelor’s degree from Yale and a Masters of Architecture from the Yale School of Architecture and earlier in his career worked as an architect and urban designer.

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