Natasha Jimenez


ThoughtWorks - Software Development Consultant


Quick Bio

Natasha Jimenez is a software developer and consultant focused on using technology and design to create a positive impact. Most recently, in collaboration with, ThoughtWorks, Mercy Corps, and the UN, Natasha developed an app called Translation Cards that enables more efficient and effective communication with refugees for field workers.

Having immigrated to Canada from Venezuela at six years old, Natasha grew up increasingly aware of the injustices that exist in the transnational immigration and refugee system. She later became involved in Latin American issues: from translating for precarious temporary foreign workers and providing them with resources and information, to heading an organization centered around spreading awareness about Latin American issues.

Over the years, Natasha led several student solidarity delegations to Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. The learnings from these trips resulted in her co- founding Mining Morality Canada, a non-profit organisation dedicated to tackling the social, political, and environmental issues tied to transnational mining in the Dominican Republic.

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