Seijen Takamura


Food+Future (Target/IDEO/MIT Media Lab) - Design Lead


Quick Bio

Seijen is a lead designer at Food+Future where leads exploration, prototyping, and validation of early-stage venture concepts and innovation initiatives that fit under Food+Future’s mission.

Food+Future believes that regardless of your social or economic position in the world, and despite significant technological advancements in recent years, we as a society we know less about food today than at any other time in history. Food+Future exists to help food be understood by stimulating mouths as well as minds. It is a collaboration between Target, the MIT Media Lab, and IDEO.

Prior to joining Food+Future in Cambridge (MA), Seijen’s career took him to Chicago, London, Seattle, and Minneapolis where he worked for SapientNitro, Startup Weekend, and Target in the areas of consumer research, business strategy, product & service design, and entrepreneurial community building.

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